What is Clusterpat.com?
Clusterpat.com is the Meta Search Engine for US and European patents. By submitting a query you get results from multiple search engines that are dynamically merged in a single list.
It's underlying technolgy is the XSEARCH Federated Search.

Why is the search with XSEARCH Federated Search better?
XSEARCH Federated Search enables users to access all necessary information with a single-query.
Among others,

All results are dynamically merged, filtered and ranked.

Are the clusters generated by algorithms?
Yes. The integrated XSEARCH Clustering Engine combines intelligent semantic algorithms with complete linguistic preparation.

Why do I receive an error message?
The number of search results is to low or the service of the search engine provider is currently unavailable.

May I integrate XSEARCH Federadet Search in my Internet Service, Intranet, Portal or Online Shop, to access my favorite Search Engines?
Yes. Feel free to buy a license! (see our Business Solutions).